Byrknesøy is an island about 80 km north of Bergen, in Gule Municipality. It is easy to get to the island: Every day there is a fast boat from Bergen. By car, you go by Knarvik to Leirvåg, from there the ferry to Skipavik and then on curvy roads over fascinating landscape and three caracteristic and colourful bridges to Byrknes.

West and northwest of the island is a vast archipelago with over 1000 islands, islets and skerries. North of the island is the entrance to Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, Sognefjord.

There are about 500 permanent residents on the island and nowadays some young people move out with their families to work on the island’s various activities. The main industry is fishing, fishing industry and salmon farms.

For the kids there is a small school with classes up to 10th class. The cohesion is great and you often meet at the island’s community center. Especially on May 17, Norway’s National Day.

There are many small mountain peaks on the island and the highest is 194 meters above sea level, on a clear day you can see the Troll Platform which is located 70 km west into the sea.

The entire sea, west of Byrknes is lively and visited by anglers and kayakers. There is plenty of seafood.

The three owners of Vestbris are all born on the island and so is part of the crew.

Welcome to Byrknesøy!